Beatriz, a wedding in Madrid city centre

Lately, we are constantly seeing weddings celebrated in the middle of the Nature, either in villas, woods or in the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The spirit from the 60’s-70’s with this type of celebrations is the same we constanly see nowadays, due to the typical way of thinking after social turmoil and economic crisis, apart from the fact that great influences such as Kate Moss helped to turn it into hype. Nevertheless, not all the brides are choosing this type of weddings and some of them prefer the concrete of a big city to be the stage of one of the most special days in their lifes.

Beatriz is from the Spanish capital, Madrid, and she told me her wedding was going to take place in the middle of her hometown, right next to the famous Gran Vía. A urban wedding, in a metropolis, exchanging trees for imposing buildings and the quiteness of Nature for the excite of a big city.

Her story was a love story, and I’m not talking about her fiance but her dress: Beatriz fell in love for one of the wedding gowns from my previous bridal collection. The design was already fitting her beauty and we introduced a couple of changes to make it more sexy, personal and adjusted to the environment of such wedding.

The upper part of the dress was done with tulle plumetti and embroidery, enhancing the shape of Beatriz. The back was designed with a squared cleavage, all in chiffon, as well as the skirt to provide lightness and comfort, a personal request from Beatriz.

The result is an unique wedding dress, gathering all the features one can find in the bride: sweet and subtle but also sexy and audacious. But most of all, a wedding dress made just for her and the output is a magnificent creation turned into reality by the two of us (herself and myself), always the best way to shape the happiness of the bride.


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