Daniela, the beauty and simplicity thereof

Coco Chanel already told it: less is more, and showed it fighting against the frivoulous and trivial fashion of her time. A fashion restraining women and turning them into simple ornamental objects. Chanel’s philosophy obviously spread extensively across the high society and the world started changing. Women want to be free and freely decide how to get dressed beyond an impossible fashion imposed by the society. 

A perfect example of “less is more” can be found with Daniela, one of my recent LP Brides. Daniela is Bolivian and has been living in Barcelona for the last 6 years. She’s definitely nice, happy, chatty and (as most of modern women) with clear ideas and unwilling to waste time. She said to me the concept of her wedding was not traditional at all: she was looking for a party instead of a convention, forgetting protocols and most of all willing to feel part of such an unique party, instead of being a white doll playing like an attraction for the guests.

The celebration was in an awesome farmhouse in Barcelona area, surrounded by nature and beautiful views. The story on how we created her wedding dress still makes me smile. Daniela brought me 2 short summer dresses and told me: “Lorena, I really feel comfortable with these 2 dresses. Just design something like this and turn it into bridal.” I started right away and designed a wedding gown unifying everything that she wanted.

A halter-neck with a slightly drape and then lightweight chiffon falling and falling, an easy to wear gown and unlikely to unfit. The skirt was subtly wide and with a delicate tail, while the bottom had a handmade and hand-sewn lace ornament providing a bridal touch just like she asked. The back also had a subtle and sexy detail with an opening also with the same handmade lace. Unique naturalness and elegance that turned this simple and beautiful wedding gown into the first dress in my latest bridal collection Neo-Natura.

I told you before: less is more. Daniela’s wedding gown didn’t need any other embellishment, she’s already more than pretty, the dress was already reflecting her great personality and this is how she wanted to feel in her wedding day.

A pair of sandals with multicoloured Swarovski and a wild bouquet added singularity to the look and, yes girls, you don’t need high heels in your wedding. If you barely use them in your life, why doing it in the day you should be yourself more than ever? This is what Daniela thought and obviously it was much nicer for herself 😉

In the end, it’s not a matter of being Traditional, Modern, Romantic, Baroque or Bohemian in your wedding: it’s a matter of finding or creating your second skin for what you want to feel and communicate, way beyond what fashion is constantly imposing you as a “perfect bride”.

These are the principles I defend, and will always defend, with my fashion design, no matter what style you feel better.

Lorena Panea

(Español) Viajes LP: Roma, la ciudad eterna.

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