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I was born in a regular and popular neighborhood  of a small town in the South of Spain, Mérida, old Emerita Augusta during the Roman Empire, with more than 2000 years of existence and currently World Heritage. When I was just a kid, I used to play in the ruins of the Roman circus; take a walk with my parents around the natural parks, monuments and ruins all around my Spanish region, Extremadura; I believe I’ve never missed one single year to the fabulous Classic Theatre Festival in my hometown as long as I can remember.

Maybe due to this regular contact with natural beauty, cultural heritage and millenial History, I’ve been always good in the subjects linked to creativity such as design and literary creation.

With 8 years old I used to design dresses for myself, inspired in the childen TV series of that time. After that, it was common to take my time to “press” my mother to sew those designed dresses. With 10 years old I was already writing poetry that later on I published in blogs and social networks. In parallel, I was fascinated with everything linked to the past, such as Rome, Greece and most especially Egypt. With 12 years old I started dancing Flamenco, a type of music that used to pass me strong feelings.
With 15 years old I was absolutely sure I wanted to study Fashion in Barcelona, not because of the “glamour” but due to its artistic nature, historical legacy, social message and crucial role of the woman in this industry. Though not before studying in the Art School of my hometown.


When I started thinking to create my own fashion brand, around the years 2009-2010, I was still studying my fashion design degree and Barcelona. Nevertheless, already on that time, the fashion seemed to me a bad joke able to drive nuts even the most dreamful minds.
Obviously, I was still not prepared for the “crazyness” of setting up a brand back then. I was not only lacking business knowledge; due to my middle class origins from a small town in the South of Spain, I lacked to travel.
Under this need, I went a season to the United Kingdom, where I not only learned English (apologies for any mistake)- a key language to proceed in the design world – but also took inspiration from the Brittish culture, learned more about organization and mainly absorbed everything I could about London fashion, who overtook the Parision haute couture already long ago.
Back to Spain, I moved to Madrid. After living in England, adapt myself to Madrid was easy. In this city I finally decided to start my initial tests to evaluate if women would like my designs and step by step I started polishing these.
I first started selling some of my designs in multi-brand stores in the central neighborhoods and than participating in some of the main design markets of the city. These actions represented the tipping point to me and revealed the potential of my commercial brand.


Some institutions linked to the national Fashion started focusing on my work. All this encouraged me to open my first specialized store LORENAPANEA in the beginning of 2014, when I decided to go back to my hometown for it.
What I didn’t know back then was that it’s much more easy to create fashion and connect with the fashionistas in the capital city, better than in a small town where tradition and social pressure have a stronger presence. Furthermore, my region Extremadura is the poorest area in Spain which is a fact that doesn’t help either.
Starting my retail business in such a small town, where pressure, social behaviour and budget dictate what women use, taught me more about fashion than all my studies and previous experience. In this environment, I had to adapt myself and connect with real women, until achieve stability and sucess in my business. – Fashion is neither sewing, nor patterns, nor fantastic fabrics, nor awards, nor even glamour; Fashion is connecting with women
I’ve changed as many times as I had to, and nowadays my first store LORENAPANEA is now a reference in the fashion of the region.
These hardwork, success and life circumstances brought me the opportunity of one of my oldest dreams: to open my second store in Barcelona, my favourite city worldwide.
My first store in Mérida allowed me to learn and grow in a way I would not achieved in a larger environment in my beginnings, but to grow and expand my creative standards I had to be in a big city, and Barcelona provides me those conditions.
Now when LORENAPANEA is already small fashion retail chain, it’s when my story begins…