Laura, a wedding in the city of Romeo and Juliet

The most challenging task when designing a wedding dress is to create the perfect connection between the client and myself, in such a way that we barely need words to understand each other. Actually, I think I’ve never draw any wedding dress without having this type of connection at a certain level, as it’s completely mandatory to me. I’ve always said I don’t like to work as those “factories of serial wedding dresses” where the main goal is selling, without any care for the bride and her unique experience. She should always be the reason and my only focus is to assure that, in her wedding day, her personality will shine above everything.

Having said that, let me tell you more about Laura, one of my brides during these last months. Laura, originally from the South of Spain but living in Barcelona, had her wedding in Verona, Italy, which was the scenario for Romeo and Juliet, the famous Shakespeare’s play. Don’t tell it’s not a dreamful location to celebrate a wedding… The ceremony took place in the city’s church and the celebration in the idyllic “Opificio dei sensi“, a natural and eco-friendly multi-use area. As you can imagine, as soon as I heard the description of such wedding, my mind started thinking, without stopping, in the suitable designs for the big day.

After some essays, the wedding dress design was decided: a romantic and comfortable gown with seamless fabrics. The heart-shape neckline was thought to highlight her breast and keep on with a feminine style, but the prominence was the back: a large cleavage draped with embroidered tulle, which took all the glances. The equilibrium between Minimal and Baroque (a strong trend in most of my latest designs, as in my latest bridal collecion Neo-Natura), between the simple and the worked out, between the Romantic and the Sexy. Furthermore, the dress also had a complement with real and preserved flowers in the waist, with a back comb with the same materials, which also provided a country look very appropriate for the environment of the whole wedding. 

One may like it or not, but it’s clear that this dress was indeed emanating Laura’s essence, she was completely her, felling herself in every moment and that’s something that not every dress can achieve. Wanna know the trick? The connection Laura and I established, which just made it all very easy.





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