LP Brides: Laia

In my latest post about Sheila, I’ve explained what I believe that are the new contemporary brides: elegant and comfortable; attractive and natural; sexy and spontaneous; proud and real; ambicious and happy. Adjectives that might seem antagonistic but that current brides start gathering in the same person, maybe for the first time in History.

I want to remark I’m not talking about frivoulous and superficial definitions as those commonly used in fashion, when several fashion designers and brands use words such as “precious”, “perfect” or “beautiful” women. I’m talking about women feeling at the same level as their couple, women that truely represent what they believe they are and that the only boundaries are those they aim to achieve. I’m talking about feminism, freedom and equality in a pure state. A growing number of anonymous women that, with their attitude and behaviour, are providing a positive example and changing mentalities.

In this week’s post let me tell you more about, another woman in the concept I’m mentioning.

Laia came from a province nearby Barcelona and in the first appointment, as usual, came to my atelier with her family – including her Italian boyfriend – but with an “opinionproof” attitude, as herself already had a clear idea about her wedding dress. This is personality and independence, features that made my work easier and turned the fashion design into a mutual task between her and myself.

As for the style, we thought in something very original. The looks with 2 pieces are very trendy right now and it’s true this type of garments usually provide sensuality to the female figure, but also have the downside of moving and misfitting with the body movements (specially in a wedding where one should hug, dance and jump, and more in an energetic and funny girl as Laia). Hence, shirt and skirt may not be suitable for a wedding.

As such, I thought in a delusion! A complete dress, looking as a “2 garments” 😉

With that we kept a sexy look and all the advantages of a complete gown, while assuring the required elegance in an event of this importance.

I designed it with an opening in the belly area, to stylize Laia’s figure, while keeping an integral back, complemented with a fine layer in lace, not only to unify the wedding dress but also to give it a special and original touch.

Laia gave it the final touch with a cute pair of espadrilles with colorful pompoms (only uncovered when the dress was up), a crown of flowes in the head and a precious bouquet also with several colours.

As I already told about Sheila, also Laia’s photos show exactly what this wedding was, how’s her twosome relationship as well as with other people, and how she is as a women: personality, spontaneity, fun, happiness, genuineness and natural beauty.

Laia is also a new contemporary bride. One cannot find these qualities in every women and not always weddings unveilled women this free, but Laia, as well as Sheila and several other great LP Brides, are finally opening a new path to modern women, a path that probably will change our female roles in the society forever.


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