LP Brides: Almudena and the alternative beauty

When I wrote about Tamara’s wedding gown in the last post, I told it was a bridal dress different from anything one might expect from a bridal dress:

LP Brides: Tamara and the only really different wedding gown

What I didn’t told in that post was the fact that I created several other bridal designs as original and audacious as this. Another of these original dresses is, with no doubt, Almudena’s wedding dress, married last summer.



Despite being from a small town in the South of Spain, I commonly say the most special dresses created by me are meant to be weared by women from my hometown. And that’s true.
Almudena is also a countrygirl, as myself, but living in Madrid, and due to all her influences or way of thinking, I could describe her as the type of woman for who I tend to design: an educated woman, reivindicative, with ambitions and social concerns, a book lover and tatoo fan (very much like myself too).
Due to all this, her bridal dress had to show the woman she’s. That’s the genuineness of a bride, the honesty a woman has with herself, instead of falling to old-fashioned traditions and obligations.
Almudena had it clear: her wedding grown should be little white dress. I haven’t done many in my fashion designer life and always asked myself why – Why not getting married with a short dress? That was undoubtly Almudena’s choice, and I truly think it’s as awesome as any other long dress.
Aristoteles said the body is the soul’s tool, and a dress like this perfectly shows the great woman Almudena is, both inside and outside.
Between Almudena and myself we decided the gown should have several transparencies so she could show her body full of art, together with a skirt with some volume, the back with embroidered tulle and the sleeves with clear Southern influence, also embroidered- all this under the influence of Regal Romance (that’s how this trend is called, a branch from the Bohemian Romanticism). The golden crown gave the final touch and in my opinion everything looked spectacular.
As this was a short dress, the shoes had more prominence than in a long one. Almudena chose high heels in light rose for the ceremony, and then changed them for a pair of Converse All-Star, which still kept a perfect combination in my opinion.
As a final detail, the back had 2 blue buttons from Morocco – an Arabian influence present during the whole wedding. For family reasons, Almudena has also part of this exotic culture and the whole mix created an awesome equilibrium during the event.
I’m very proud of designing this different bridal dress and working with Almudena, who’s definitely the type of woman who inspires me the most. This is again one of the dresses in my top-5 of the year.
But you already know: It’s not a dress for every woman. Your true dress will always depend on the true woman you have inside you, it depends on who you are and mainly depends on who you wanna be. If you have this clear, and are brave enough to accept it, than the search of your dress is over and half of the dress is already done. If that’s the case, I can do the rest without major problems.
Lorena Panea

LP Brides: Tamara and the only really different wedding gown

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