Carolina: less is often more

Bridal dresses should always reflect the way you are. One can notice when a bride is defending her own dress: she shows security, beauty and elegance. It may sound as a cliche but it’s true when you hear people saying you should be YOU more than ever in that day, otherwise you may look like a fraud during your wedding.

Due to these principles, it’s not fair to say some wedding dresses are better than other and not always the most embellished dresses are the ones that will make you shine- or maybe yes! It depends on the woman you are (not on what other women may say).

The truth is the search for the perfect bridal gown is endless as you will always find something you may like, but perfection does not exist: the best wedding dress is the one you may wear without worries or concerns about what people will say as long as you feel perfect with it, the one will make you feel free to enjoy one of the best days of your life and the one that will make you feel yourself and no one else.

Carolina had an idea on what she was looking for and, between hers and my ideas and after several trials, we made it happen: shinning as never before, for an awesome wedding day.

Her dress was made in chiffon, with a semi-circular skirt to provide it motion and lightness. The top was slightly loose, with trimming details in the waist.

During the ceremony, the bride is normally turning the back to the guests, so it´s important to give a special touch to this part of the dress. We decided to embellish the suspenders with a very special lace embroidered in tulle all over the back to shape a rounding cleavage.

A flower crown and a bouquet, both with white and lilac colours, complemented the bohemian style and connected the bridal dress with the ceremony in the middle of the Nature.

As I was saying before, maybe this dress will not look the same in someone else or will not stand out if hanged in the perch, but in Carolina it was everything. It’s HER wedding gown, the one that make her feel her and that was a perfect symbiosis to show her unique beauty and essence.

Lorena Panea

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