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LorenaPanea Concept

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I’m sure you didn’t miss 2 of my favourite posts, defining my vision on the current Fashion:


Rehearsal about Fashion

Whether you like them or not, it’s undeniable that the current Fashion is focused in mass production, with little imagination, thought-out for a “standard” woman and forgetting what should be one of the great principles in Fashion – the Individuality of women.

My fashion concept is not ONLY a matter of restoring its origins, but mainly reconvert it and evolve what we can see nowadays.
The first changes start with values and principles.
One of my main drivers is local production in Spain, respecting my own environment and people I know, under sustainability and Fair Trade rules:

  • All my sewers are in Spain, so that every euro paid for each one of my garments will be consumed and pay taxes in Spain and Europe, with a positive impact in our European countries directly or indirectly.
  • I buy my fabrics to the best fabric suppliers in Spain, some of them eventualy also some of the best in the world, and step by step introducing eco-friendly materials in my designs.
  • I only produce very small quantities and any extra production is only on-demand, avoinding over-production and the consequent chemical impact in the land and rivers of the planet, and not generating extra stock to end up in rubbish dump. Sustainability and ecology are not an option anymore but a need.
  • All the designs and patterns in LorenaPanea are exclusively mine. Unlike other brand and designers buying and copying the patterns they sell, my garments are only and exclusively developed by myself.

Nevertheless, my fashion concept is not only this.

The new challenges by the modern times are also closely related with creating a fashion not only Individual but also Affordable – i.e., with a Fair Price: neither a robbery to the clients (as expensive), nor an insult to the planet (as cheap and pollutant) – and to achieve such objective one as to behold the possibilities offered by new technologies and adapt these to modern women.
In my stores, my clients can ask for a tailored gown according to their own taste, with the exclusivity of taking an unique dress, literaly single in the world, for a fair price and in the same range of the prêt-à-porter dresses.

For all of this, LorenaPanea is already more than a fashion brand – it’s becoming a distinguishing feature, a form of Positive Fashion ethics and a solution in Fashion, while generating benefits to all the parties involved, from the clients until the environment as well as the social and economy context, creating a trend and an innovating route. 

Some institutions recognized my track-record and, despite my young age, referenced my name and even granted me some titles already with some relevance – See prizes.

Under the LorenaPanea Concept, every day more women are using a gown designed by myself – which is the maximum prize for me as a fashion designer -, translating my different vision into a small revolution at street level. For all of this, I believe I’m turning the world into a better place.
Maybe I’m just wrong but, as Jean Paul Gaultier said: I wanted to be a fashion designer and I became it, thus I believe everything is possible.