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Fashion designer

Whenever I’m design a dress my main objective is to find the right balance among style, enhance the shape of the woman and provide that original and exclusive touch I always search for.

In a world that most of the times ignores the needs of the women in favor of the fashion design ego, my dream as nothing to do with my personal taste. I search for a connection with the real woman: the one working every day and still has time for her kids, family or friends; the one with ambitions and never gives up on her dreams; for me that’s FASHION.

With this in my mind, I studied fashion in LCI fashion school of Barcelona where I was able to take substantial knowledge regarding trends, styling, design, pattern and textile, being able to conceive, execute, coordinate and record several processes from the inception up to the production or the retailing of the designed garments, under different methodologies, i.e. the required foundations to apply for a fashion designer.

After developing my business, some local institutions recognized my track record and potential and, despite my youth, nominated me and even awarded me some relevant prizes:

Best Young Fashion Designer of my region (Extremadura) in 2013, by the National Association of Young and New Spanish Designers (ANDE);

Representative of Extremadura region in the National Fashion Awards to Young Fashion Designers in 2014, by ANDE;

Gold Thimble 2014, by your Royal Highness Beatriz de Orleans and Jacob Fitzgeral media agency;

One of 100 finalists selected to compete for the Entrepreneur Award 2015, by the Yo Dona magazine and the City Council of Madrid;

Finalist in the Fashion National Awards to New Spanish Designers in 2016;

One of 22 selected finalists for the Young Entrepreneur Award in 2016, in Extremadura.