Gemma & a colorful wedding

Nowadays if we hear “bridal” we think in white right away, but it was only in 1816 when Queen Victoria’s cousin princess Charlotte got married with a white dress, that white became trendy.

Nevertheless, the real “boom” was spread by Queen Victoria herself when copying her cousin in also getting married in white. The media of that time and the huge size of the British Empire did the rest, turning her in an influencer of her time and influencing until nowadays, even if most women are not aware of that.

However, LP Brides are way beyond the establishment.

It’s true for now that only few brides are willing to give up from white when choosing their wedding dresses, but little by little different colors are jumping in. We are now seeing signs of change in such tradition and even myself already created wedding gowns with prints or dash of colors, in contrast with immaculate white.

I told it thousands of times but it’s true: my brides are always willing to go one step ahead, changing customs and imposed rules. This is how LP Brides are.

Gemma is a writer and is also teaching creative writing; by being constantly linked to the world of literature and creativeness, her mind and imagination have no limits.

She told me she was going to get matter but no way she would wear a white dress: the gown she dreamed for was green and this was the starting point for the dress creation.

After trying different solutions, she fell in love for one of the dresses in my Mediterráneo -, the Minoa dress. Nevertheless, we decided to change some details to make it a bit more bridal and adapting it to what she was looking for, such as an open back, original sleeves to stylize her arms and a sash to remark her waist and enhance her body. The result was a versatile & comfortable dress and with a charm that only a colorful dress can offer. Furthermore, in Gemma’s case, green tend to enhance the color of her skin and hair, so why use white instead? White would never provide the same effect in her.

During her wedding, I’m sure Queen Victoria never imagined the trend she was about to start, generating a tradition that lived until nowadays. However, step by step, modern brides are ending with such an established tradition (despite recent) and, thanks to Gemma and other original brides, trends are now changing after 200 years, while we set ourselves free from social pressure.

Lorena Panea


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