Gisela & her bridal red dress

Let me start this post asking for the thoushandth time: Why should a bride wear a white gown?

You’ve already seen several of my brides going way beyond tradition with printed or colorful dresses, among other different creations. Let me ask you then: Why not?








Let me tell you my story with Gisela, one of these audacious brides selecting the red for her wedding day.

One of my previous clients recommended my fashion design to Gisela and this is how I met her. She’s cheerful, creative and audacious… in such a way that, when she told me she was looking for a red wedding dress, I almost jumped for joy. I love when someone break up the schemes and with Gisela was so easy and pleasant to work with, as she got actively involved during the entire process providing new ideas for the construction of her bridal dress.

The final result was just awesome, in my opinion. As I told to Gisela, the dress was gaving her power and a look of Greek goddess. The body was made with lace (following the “tradition”…) and the back with a cleavage. The skirt was made of puckered chiffon to provide her an etheral look, but the final touch were the chiffon straps starting in the shoulders, enhancing and stylizing that part of her body. Very much like other wedding dresses, but in red instead.

I could have done this same dress totally in white, according to the “tradition” (whatever that means). But it would not be the same. The red turned it into something much more special.

What I like the most about fashion design is when I see the face of happiness of my brides and guests when they finally see her dresses fully finished. And after seeing brides such as Gisela, I’m asking myself every day… Why not?

Lorena Panea

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