LP Brides: Esther & the charm of Guadalupe

I mentioned before in previous posts that working with brides is commonly a challenge. Not only because designs , materials and patterns are much more challenging than in evening dresses, but also because brides tend to be very hesitant, usually they try hundreds of wedding gowns and they can change their mind very quickly. I always tell brides the more dresses they see, more doubts they will have. That’s how it works in most of the cases.

Then you have examples as Esther, una of the LP Brides of the year, who came directly to me to turn her dress into something real, and marvelous.

As myself, Esther is a Southern girl in love for horses, with a Spanish natural beauty impossible to go unnoticed and with a way of being very balanced and natural. As such, her wedding should be at the same level of her beauty as a fantastic person. Everything took place in one of the most precious places in Spain – the amazing Royal Monastery of Guadalupe, considered World’s Heritage by Unesco – and with a celebration in the middle of the local Nature.

Esther came with clear ideas: romantic, campestral and comfortable style. Millenial brides want to avoid worries about her wedding dress during such an amazing day, they simply want to enjoy her day as something beautiful and unforgetable – and the dress is part of the whole experience, not the core of it. After trying only 3 dresses of my bridal collection, we already had all the options for the gown design. And her choice was undoubtly the most special. Let me tell you why.

In the front, the dress kept a minimal & romantic style, very much in line with Esther preference, also with a plain and wild embellished waist. Nevertheless, the highlight was in the back with a tail made in real vintage embroidered tulle that turned this dress into something unique in the entire world and impossible to replicate. In the back cleavage, I introduced lace from the same vintage embroidered tulle, to emphasize the v shape and enhance a feminine touch.

The embelishment in the hair and bouquet, both with real preserved flowers and in conjunction with the wedding dress and with Esther’s hometown, which is the same as mine. A natural, simple and beautiful country side. A charming landscape.

Esther could have been searching in hundreds of stores and try thousands of dresses, but the point of a wedding is not a “perfect” dress. There’s no point in trying to fit into any standard industrial dress – I’m sure none of us tried to find a standard person and adapt to him/her, as love should always be a thing for both sides, right?

I believe it makes much more sense and it’s way easier to create and adapt the dress you always wanted to yourself, and to the message you want to express in such a special day, and believe me when I say that this will turn everything into something much more magic and charming. Just as in the same way Love is.

Lorena Panea


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