Marina and the authenticity of the bride

Returning to routine, after the summer break, also implies back to writing – i.e. back to my blog!

As I’ve just presented my new bridal collection, please allow me to start the new season in the blog with a post about one of my brides from this summer: Marina.

I often write about what should new women represent in the society of the future, about their new free and empowered role, and on how our personality should be strong enough to break the limits and dogmas the current society is still imposing to women like us.

Does this mean traditional women, or any other profile, are not allowed? Absolutely not, don’t get me wrong. It’s only a matter of being free, conscious and allowed to decide who and how we wanna be, as women, and without social or gender role pressures.

I thought Marina gave a good example of it.

This precious lady came to my atelier, along with friends and relatives, during the whole process and for every fitting. Despite the company, she never gave into others’ opinions, sticking to her own taste and preferences.

When someone is creating a bridal dress, in terms of design, there are no better or worst dresses, and definitely no perfect dresses. There’s YOUR dress and others’ dresses. Each one of us has our own preference and idea for our own dress, and it’s commonly a mistake taking into account what others may think it would be the “best” dress for oneself… Those type of opinions tend to be more focused in the style of the one is giving the opinion, and less focused on the style of the bride herself.

Having personality is keeping faithful to our own preferences, when creating the dreamed dress.

I also have to say that all the people coming with to Marina always provided positive advise and positive critiques, which is also has merit and helps to avoid more confusions for the bride, who normally already has enough with the entire event organization.

When everything flows, the result is a dress fitting her like a glove, both to the body and to the personality. And that’s the main step to feel yourself in a wedding or any other type of party. Authenticity.

Every picture speaks for itself and this is how Marina is shining just the way she is: outgoing, funny and pretty inside and outside.

I see these pictures and I see happiness, Marina’s happiness, as well as her partner and her son, and all the people loving her. There’s nothing more authentic, the best a women can imagine.

Lorena Panea

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