Mireia and her Star Wars thematic wedding

Everytime I get to know any of my LP Brides, it’s like entering a whole new world: each one of them has a different view on what they want for their wedding and every detail is thought to break free their creativeness. I’m done with saying brides are very often exposed to the narrow idea of tradition, or to what other expect from them, but you already know my LP Brides are singular and are one step ahead of what the standard society imposes. In this week’s post let me tell you about Mireia who, up to date, is probably the most alternative bride I’ve ever had.  

When Mireia came into my atelier, she suddenly caught my attention: ginger hair, the body full of tatoos with animals, personal meanings and Disney characters – an aesthetics I just love! Thus, I was definitively very curious on how she was preparing her wedding celebration. It was a cute sorprise when she told me it was going to be a freak wedding, inspired in Star Wars movies!

Hence, we had to take inspiration for her wedding gown. Most of all, Mireia wanted a modern and confortable wedding dress as she tends to use loose-fitting clothing everyday and didn’t want to be worried during the wedding, apart from felling free to enjoy the moment.

Taking these principles, I selected a fabric with spandex, to allow for an easy movement, without decreasing the quality of the dress itself.

Regarding the gown design, I thought it was just great: the top of the dress was deliberate and intended to enhance parts of her body, with a v-shape neckline to highlight one of her tatoos and an impressive back with straps to provide an urban glance to the wedding dress. I left the romantic inspiration only for the skirt, with pleating tulle – like a wink to Princess Leia 😉 -, and for the embroidery in the top – somehow recalling snowflakes, as a subtle tribute to the awesome The Empire Strikes Back.

While we were developing the dress and adding new elements, one day I had a brilliant and freak idea – I admit I’m a freak sometimes – and I told her: Hey Mireia, I thought we should make it more Star Wars, by adding a hidden detail at some part. Mireia loved my idea and after some thoughts, we decided to create a silver belt with the helmet of the famous start troopers!

Furthermore, Mireia completed the look with an original pair of sneakers with blue laces. So cool she added such a personal and unusual footwear! No doubt Mireia is a LP Bride with tons of personality and her wedding dress should definitively be at her level of uniqueness. The result was a wedding that, despite taking the inherent tradition of any wedding, is one step ahead by creating the universe the couple dreamed and not necessarily what society expects to see. This how the established barriers are losing sense and the reason why the new paradigm of modern brides is defined by themselves, only limited to their imagination and identity.

Lorena Panea


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