LP brides: Isabel, when a brides wants to feel like herself

Not every wedding gown has to be amazingly disruptive to remain authentic. For many women, the authenticity and exclusivity of a fashion design can be found in the small details.

For this reason, I never get stuck to a single style. And this attitude allows me to create designs such as the one for Isabel’s bridal dress, which seems to be as special as any other embellished wedding gowns.

Isabel never thought she was going to find a dress able to represent her, and dress capable of making her feel herself. But this was before visiting my atelier.

When she told me she didn’t even like the common bridal dresses, I already knew Isabel was one of mine and already knew what to do.

There are women who don’t like dresses at all, never follow fashion or traditions – and it’s fair enough, because dresses, traditions or fashion don’t fit well to everybody. But I never met any woman who didn’t like to feel comfortable, pretty or shining with the best version of herself.

Hence, I created a wedding dress with my house’s signature: comfortable, minimal and at the same time original.

Just a cut in the waist to stylize her figure, pronounced neckline and back cleavage to highlight certain parts of her body, a silk dress to give a touch of glamour and some embroidered details in the sleeves, waist and green buttons to add a touch of originality. And that’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

Quoting Isabel, the result surprised her, she felt herself indeed and never felt disguised as it would had happened with any other bridal design.

I personally loved this dress, I would definitely get married with this design and let me unveil you a secret: I loved it so much that I’ve created a version of it for my next bridal collection, about to be unveiled .

Lorena Panea

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