LP Brides: Natalia and the Southern tradition

I think I wrote it before: some of the most spectacular dresses created by myself were designed for women in my Southern hometown.

Despite spending most of my professional time in Barcelona, I still develop some works in my precious Mérida and I’m still going there from time to time, to create amazing bespoke looks for the most special women in town.

One of these great fashion creations is one of my favourite gowns ever: Natalia’s wedding dress.

Natalia is an amazing woman from my hometown Mérida and, as myself, she likes to transform tradition and feel it as something of her own.

As a fashion designer, my overall view on fashion is that this is an alive cultural phenomenon, in transformation and reflecting the society and his history all the time.

In smaller towns, such as Mérida, it’s common to give importance to personal cycles, habits and annual events, as these represent elements of social stability and cohesiveness – and for this reason, fashion in the country side should not ignore or neglect these variables.

Nevertheless, women are also changing in these towns. Southern women also want to change the role imposed to ourselves since immemorial times, and we also fight for a new role in the future society. Thus, this fact is undoubtly reflected in Southern fashion too – and I’ve been designing dresses and working for Southern women for more than 5 years now, so I know what I’m saying.

As such, Natalia’s wedding gown had to find an equilibrium between the tradition embedded in Southern women (including myself) and the freedom, elegance and modernity caracterizing new women, wether it’s in our hometown in the South of Spain, Catalonia in the North, or anywhere else in the world.

I don’t like to use words such as “perfect” because there’s no such perfect woman (or bride) in this world. However, between Natalia and I, we created a wedding gown that looks fantastic and made her look great, in my personal opinion.

For the top of the gown, I used tulle hand-embroidered with raw cotton. For the bottom, I design a skirt in satin only embroidered until the hip.

To complete the look, Natalia chose an awesome crown designed by Rebulldesign: A golden crown of flowers meticulously hand-made that added a New-Baroque touch to the gown, a touch that I personally love and already used it before in my latest bridal collection Neo-Natura.

This is how we achieved the proposed balance, being genuine, looking Bohemian and without completely losing the traditional touch that was indeed an added value.

I would say this bridal dress unifies all the attributes one can usually find in the dresses designed by me – effortlessly,  authentic and most of all comfortable. But, actually, this look is going beyond that: it’s connecting past traditions, with the current Romanticism and the new role of future women.

Lorena Panea


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