LP Brides: Tamara and the only really different wedding gown

Some weeks ago, when I wrote about my design inspiration for my latest bridal collection Renaixença, I explained how the Romantic and bohemian styles were changing for the current brides, and how it has been evolving since such styles (re-)started during the 2012-2013, more or less.

LP Brides, revolution and art: from Silvestre to Renaixença

Tamara, one of the most special LP brides during this year, is a clear example of such evolution mentioned in that previous post as she’s a woman beyond current trends. She has an identity and a taste above the massive trends in the wedding styles, without imitating or falling in the suggestions from the outdated gossip magazines.

With the full respect for every women, I can even say Tamara was one of the brides in the Top-5 of my preferences.

If you checked-out my Neo-Natura bridal collection, I’m sure you noticed the Dalia dress, definitely the most emblematic design and the one gathering the entire concept of the whole collection.

When I design Dalia, I did it to create a piece of art, like a painting of nature, but sewed in this case. I was not expecting any woman to want it, after all it’s a dress different from whatever people may expect from a wedding gown, with a technique never applied by any other fashion designer (as far as I know).

But that’s art, right? Art is not created for the world to understand it, but to make the human being rise to a higher level in his existence, differentiating himself from the mass behaviour or imitation.

What really surprised me was the fact that the Dalia design became one of the most successful and wanted dress from that collection. And Tamara was one of the first understanding the whole artistic concept, and seeing all the natural beauty embedded in this dress.

Despite having bridal collections every year, all my wedding dresses are tailor-made, even when one chooses a design from the collections. Technically, this allows me to adapt the pattern of any fashion design to the body of each woman – something quite difficult to get when one buys a ready-to-wear dress and tries to fit it – but not just that. Tailor-made bridal dresses also allow me to customized every design according to the taste and style of the woman wearing it, turning any dress into an unique one. Unique, just like any woman.

Tamara was searching for a really different dress and she fell in love for the concept of incorporating real natural flowers in the dress. She even told me she used to dream with the dress at night, which I totally understand.

After creating the gown completely in silk, I filled the entire body with natural flower petals and leafs in lilac colour, just as Tamara requested.

In these times that fashion is aspiring to become Romantic, these silky and flower details could not be more authentic – and sustainable: let me remind you silk is one of the fabrics with the lower environmental impact.

The look became complete with an elegant medieval style crown, again leaving aside the typical crowns or hats, and altogether could not be more hype and appropriate

What else can I say? I don’t want to keep repeating the same, but Tamara was indeed one of the brides I liked the most, she’s been absolutely amazing. In a world who tends to fall in outdated traditions and in poor initiations, this woman achieved and unparalleled look, and at the same time elegant, minimalist and original.

As she told me, this was the only really different wedding gown she could find. Well, and if you allow me, also Tamara was one of the really unique and different brides I had the pleasure to work with. So the connection was total and when it’s like that, the result is never disappointing.

Lorena Panea

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