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“Step by step we’re heading towards a future made by ourselves and no one else. A future without barriers, where we can let our mind wander, where we can walk without fearing the flame to go off and where the past experience will create new paths.”

Lorena Panea

Lorena Panea took inspiration in the late Romanticism art movement for this bridal collection, presented in the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

Renaixença is a transition between romantic Minimalism observed in fashion during last years and the state-of-the-art about to arrive to brides, completely different from mass-market styles. Bohemian lines are combined with complex pattern structures, together with embellishment and craftsmanship details, creating modern looks demanded by urban women aware of the great importance of the current challenges.

Art, appealing and consciousness are joint together in Renaixença: inspired in the controversial Delacroix paintings, from the artistic point-of-view, the collection neglects the common beauty standards and the image gathers several underlying messages with feminist, sustainable and emancipation values facing the limits imposed by the society.

Every dress is made in Spain, created and hand embroidered with low environmental impact materials, natural fibers and high quality fabrics from local producers.


“Welcome to a new future, welcome to the Spanish Renaixença